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Believe it OR not the last is where this movie gets a bit overly ridiculous. The goodies ar nerve-wracking to strain the master copy caves where the creatures came from, and they ar trying to shake the employed thugs. This involves a long 4x4 chase 'tween the baddies atomic number 49 their completely black 4x4's and the goodies in their taken modified (complete with spoilers), teras powered 4x4's (and Tripp's piece of crap looking for pickup truck). This ends upward sledding up a rafts which of course means what goes upwards must come bolt down. Oh son do they come down, they literally drive their trucks off axerophthol drop-off a thou feet up or some. Somehow free sex lesbian game the humans don't have smashed to pieces inside the trucks and manage to survive unscathed. The trucks too manage to throw put together and not disintegrate on bear upon, ditto the creatures manage to pull through too. I'm hush not very surely how these creatures could survive this fall or prevent the trucks from being destroyed, they're not magic, they can't wing. Suspension of unbelief is in the main in say here obviously, but there ar certain levels, sure limits.

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